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Let me be your friend on your next trip to Prague. I want to share with you my favourite places and help you to experience this amazing city at a slightly slower pace. Instead of rushing from place to place, let’s just start the day with sipping a coffee at an old fashioned coffee house, pour over maps and then walk through the side streets to explore the historic centre. So, let’s begin…



There is always something to new to discover . . .

Things to do in Prague in July

Is July a good month to visit Prague? Yes and no! July is one of the hottest months of the year, so spending a weekend (or a week) in hot, dry and the often dusty town has its challenges. July is also the first months of summer holiday and most of the permanent Prague...

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How to Avoid Prague Tourist Traps

This one is really hard to write… I’m originally Czech, so how could I possibly write about Prague tourist traps and warn you off from visiting certain places or buying certain things in my favourite town. But as much as I feel protective of my home country, even I...

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Visiting Prague for the first time

If you are travelling to Prague for the first time, I’m sure you have plenty of questions in your head about your trip. In this blog post, I wanted to round up all the practical information you should know before you set for Prague. So what do you need to know before...

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Best Farmers Markets in Prague

The history of modern farmers markets in Prague is relatively new. The first markets started to appear in Prague from around 2009. From just a few stalls offering fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese and meats, most markets have now a selection of different stalls,...

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